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A general interior view of a shaker style kitchen with grey fitted cabinets, units within

Fitted Furniture Services 
In Uxbridge And The Surrounding Areas

Fitted Furniture Expert

Local Furniture Designer And Installer

Here at Sky Kitchens & Bedrooms Ltd, we provide bespoke fitted furniture for your home and office in Uxbridge and the surrounding areas. We listen to our clients' needs and keep them informed throughout the entire process from the initial design up to installation. We also offer free design consultation in order to give you a visual presentation of your dream project so you could visualise how it will look in your home or office.

It is our goal to design and build furniture tailored to your needs and style. If you have any enquiry about the services we offer please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help.

Fitted Wardrobe

We create custom-designed wardrobe that fits into your available space. Our fitted wardrobes are known for their durability and high-quality finish. 


We can do all type of wardrobe designs and can fit them into tight corners or rooms with sloped ceilings making the most of every available inch in your home.

modern dressing room interior detail
Bedroom Furniture in Newly Constructed Development

Fitted Bedrooms

Are you having trouble finding enough space and organising your bedroom? Here at Sky Kitchen & Bedroom Ltd, we provide bespoke and customised storage solutions that will fit the size or shape of any room.

With our help, we can maximise your space and transform your bedroom. Each furniture is made-to-measure to ensure that they will fit seamlessly into your space.

The kitchen features stainless steel appliances, light brown flooring and lots of drawers

Kitchen Design & Installation

We create custom-designed wardrobe that fits into your available space. Our fitted wardrobes are known for their durability and high-quality finish. 


We can do all type of wardrobe designs and can fit them into tight corners or rooms with sloped ceilings making the most of every available inch in your home.


Bespoke Kitchen Designers

Why are our kitchens so different? Quite simply because our clients have diverse life-styles, pursue singular goals and enjoy different pastimes.

In a mass market world bespoke kitchens celebrate the individual.

compliments flow all day long about our workmanship, product quality and service, but never about a ‘Mike Taylor look’. There’s no such thing. It can never exist; made unthinkable by the very meaning of bespoke.

Consequently our kitchens are guaranteed to be as individual and as distinctive as our clients.

A Very Personal Space

According to a recent survey most of us spend more time in our kitchen than just about anywhere else – which makes it a very personal space.

That’s why your taste and preferences are paramount.

And why the interpretation of your many and varied requirements should be entrusted only to a Designer of proven talent and experience.

A Very Personal Service

Inder has been designing bespoke kitchens for more than twelve years. One of the UK’s top designers, he is retained by architects and property developers for their most prestigious projects.

TV Chef and renowned cookery writer Mary Berry describes him as a perfectionist ‘whose service is so comprehensive I doubt it could be equalled’.

In fact all of our clients express delight about our comprehensive service. Simply put it’s the only way we can guarantee client satisfaction. Unique among designers, Mike Taylor insists that project management is an integral part of the design process. Consequently he project manages the installation of every kitchen he designs, which is one of the reasons why our turnkey service is so talked about.

Who Are Our Clients

Some are professionals, architects and property developers, but most are exactly like you - people who want the best design, best quality, best service and best value for money for their luxury kitchen.

Where Are Our Clients

We’ve designed and installed luxury kitchens across Europe and throughout the UK, but most of our clients are in London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire,Essex, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

Unique Turnkey Service

The quality of our furniture is only one reason why Clients choose us.  Foremost is that we create really superb kitchens.   To state the obvious, kitchens have walls, floors and ceilings. They need plumbing, power, lighting, heating, ventilation and much more besides.  So we provide a Design and Project Management service second to none.

Our Clients are never run ragged coordinating the activities of builders, plumbers, plasterers, electricians, fitters, Uncle Tom Cobley ‘an all…

They Simply Employ Us

Most kitchen companies supply furniture and ignore everything else.  Get an architect they say.  Or a builder.  Do you have time to supervise others?  Or the patience?  Or the expertise?   The real question is why are you even involved? You’re the Client for goodness sake!

Our unique Turnkey Service protects Clients from all the hassle and the danger of making costly mistakes.

First We Consult

Our Design Consultations define your dream kitchen – often by analysing the kitchen you have now.  Does it have enough storage space?  Enough natural light? Enough worktops? Is it a family kitchen?   Does it also serve as your dining room? Is it where you entertain friends? Is it big enough? Could it be enlarged?   Will the benefits justify the expense?

You probably have a rough budget in mind so now’s the time to test it.  Establishing a ballpark figure is essential. You need to know if the figure in your mind is roughly right or hopelessly wrong – and if it’s wrong where it’s wrong and what, if anything, can be done about it.

Then We Design

The Design process will take days, often a week, while Mike and our Draftsmen review the many options discussed at the Design Consultation.  This is not a process to be hurried.

Measured by the most demanding yardstick of all we will succeed only if our final design reflects your tastes, satisfies your needs, and creates a bespoke kitchen that you will enjoy and cherish for years.

Kitchen in new build luxury house

After Which We Project Manage The Entire Installation

The installation is when the dream becomes reality, a dream that can become a nightmare without faultless Project Management.

Having pioneered the concept that Project Management is an integral part of the design process we are at your side from concept to completion.

kitchen in newly constructed luxury home

Kitchen & Bedroom Furniture

We cover all aspects of

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