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Whatsapp 0.2 Clean torrent

Whatsapp 0.2

Typically, a messaging app WhatsApp popular only used on mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry), but with a new brand of PC and Mac versions of the application you can finally use from your desktop! All you have to do is just install the program WhatsApp, so you can talk to your friends directly from your Mac or Windows PC. Although it seems to work well, it is far from perfect.

WhatsAppWeb now a native application

probablementeduBereitsWhatsApp understand Web – version that you can use in your internet browser. WhatsApp for PC is the same, but you do not need to open a browser to use it.

WhatsApp for PC is also very similar to the mobile version of the application, so if it is everyday use, it will not take long to get the hang of their positions. This version offers everything you would expect (only on a big screen), and offers the opportunity to talk, send erecibir photos, documents and memos, create and manage groups,change your profile picture, etc.

Sounds great, but there are some limitations to the application. So you can, for example, the situation is not free, nor can contact baruTambahkan.

Yes, although WhatsApp for PC is an option that makes life a little easier, and again, not something you can replace your mobile device in the future.

all have

To use the PC version of the program, first read the QR code with your mobile device, as well as WhatsApp Web. If AndaPertanyaanthis method, click here for a full tutorial.

After scanning the code, WhatsApp account you registered on your phone, coupled with a new on your PC, and you can start talking!

Options in the desktop version of beautifully presented designed (reminiscent WhatsApp for Android). The truth is that there is very masalahmenemukan its part, the quePrecisa and just fun to talk with faster speeds thanks to the keyboard. If you have a webcam and / or microphone, you also have the optionsubmitting / video / audio clip photo.

One nice thing about using the PC version is that the internet connection faster than on the phone, so that the data transfer faster and usually simple.

semuanyakhususnya, WhatsApp for PC works well, but it depends entirely on your phone. You falardirectamente your computer or mobile device must be connected at all times, however. With these limitations in mind, is behind rivals such as online and telegramseach of which has its own independent desktop version.

It’s worth the wait?

WhatsApp users to version desktoptanya for ages, and finally they have, but it is not 100% of what to expect. Although the version works very well and provides almost all the same functions as the mobile version, not having one of the most important, the ability to function independently. We can only hope that Facebook, which bought the application in 2014, will see an error and we have a surprisefriendly with the next update.

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MAGIX Movie Studio Platinum 13 Clean torrent

MAGIX Movie Studio Platinum 13

Magix Movie Studio Platinum Build 960 Multilingual (x64)

The action takes place in and around some of the best thing we can do, take. Team-fun, energy, love, so we can share them with others. Smartphones to easily capture those moments, but why not a video, so special as the day was long? Take a video is not just any ol ‘things like network. added finesse. Adding effects. Add a soundtrack and a title. bainaGarrantzitsuena,fügenSie. Show your best side metMovie Studio Platinum.

New! Two separate processing modes

No matter what kind of editing you do, you can deliver your movies as you want to be. Send it to YouTube or Facebook, burn Blu-ray Disc or your project Author DVDs with personalized menus and graphics. Its inviting interface, intuitive workflow and impressive editing tools, Movie Studio Platinum 13 WithZure glänzensie the best way to get the moviesThey are part of the world.

Easy Edit mode

Beginjou simple video editing mode; A great place to make fundamental changes in the film and finish faster. add titles, music and video effects before the finished masterpiece to load the network. Simple editing tools and features that can collect your movie, you have to offer.

Advanced editing mode

advanced edit mode, Hollywood-style aldatzeageruzak and projects to create multiple effects. Edit 4K, stereoskopische3Dand AVCHD files directly on the timeline. Use compositing and color correction gereedskapna polished look.

New! tap

Beware of the film. Movie Studio-touch enabled, so. Mouse ditch and a movie together with your Sony VAIO Touch device

New! Format support

What is 4K, stereoscopic 3D, MP4 and AVCHD material in common? You can change all the projects bateanMovie the Studio! Movie Studio supports a variety of file formats, you see a full list on the specifications.

Soundtrackand qualifications,

Around title enpragtige exciting movie soundtracks.
Create the perfect music CD or MP3 music to your own bed or surveys are importing directly into the program. Animated or simple but classic look, text tools. To cut through the clutter of your video.


Boost colors, apply slow motion, or add other effects to enhance any video project. Verwendungdie new color set from the scene following a consistent color reproduction toolget.

Transitions and loose

Standard Loose sensasionele3D add transitions, artistic style between scenes. fitting and transitions in real-time preview.

System Requirements

– Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit or Windows8, Windows or Windows 10

– 2 GHz processor (multicore or multi recommended for HD or stereoscopic 3D CPU)

– 500 MB free hard disk space to install the program

– 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

– IEEE 1394 DV card (DV captureand print-to-tape)

– USB port (AVCHD, XDCAM EX, NXCAM, or import DVD camcorders)

-512 MB GPU memory

– Supports NVIDIA, AMD or Intel GPU

– Windows-compatible sound card

– DVD-ROM drive (for installation from DVD)

-CD-Supported drive (for CD burning only)

– Supports DVD-R / -rw / + R / + RW (DVD burning)

– Supported BD-R / -Re-drive (Blu-ray Disc burning only)

– Microsoft .NET Framework SP1 (included on application disc)

– Apple QuickTime or later to read andwrite files to QuickTime

– Internet connection (Gracenote MusicID Service)

Magix Movie Studio Platinum 13 in isNuut that




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Microsoft Office 2010 Clean torrent

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office lorem more than in 2010:

1: MS Access.

2, 2010 MS Excel.

3, 2010 MS InfoPath.

4, 2010 MS OneNote.

5, 2010 MS Outlook.

6: MS PowerPoint 2010.

7: Author 2,010 MS.

8, 2010 MS SharePint Workspace.

9: MS Visio 2010.

10 word 210.

Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2010.

Lorem Microsoft Office Visio 2010.

requirment of the system:

Operating system: Windows XP (SP 2)

Processor: Pentium GHz.

RAM: 512 MB or.

HD changes depanding installation.

GraphicCars vybarDazvol (1024 600 or higher)

Information about the results

– Operating system: 64-bit versions of Windows Vista SP1 / 10 7/8 – 2003 Server R2 / 2008/2008 R2 / 2012

– Angielski (en-US)

– Channel: Volume License

– Angielski (SP2)

– Architecture: x64

– Bible Proofing: English, French

– Update June 9, 2016

Individual default settings (in each case results in a change – office tools)

– CULAtools agreed License

– Added the serial number of the installation (text fileIf necessary, it is much)


– KMSpico

– Microsoftinstrumentar

– THEBiuro Menu (Menu Bar to add a form and as an instrument of office 2003 to 2013)

– Office Tab (edit multiple files in a single window with tabs)

– Previous versions Uninstaller (Office 2003, 2007)

– ShellNewHandler (x Microsoft_ New plain from the context menu in Windows Explorer)


If someone wants to use the Remove Final Uninstaller (recommended, not required)

– Up / extract the electronic file/ ISO

– Installation of Office 2010

– Activation Toolkit with Microsoft / KMSpico (recommended)


– Office menu (Menu TaleaOfficium Office adds that in 2013 the instruments 2003)

– Office Tab (edit multiple files in a single window with tabs)

– Run ShellNewHandler (x Microsoft_ New plain from the context menu in Windows Explorer)

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Zuma Deluxe 1 Clean torrent

Zuma Deluxe 1

Zuma is very simple, and it must be said, extremely addictive puzzle game.
Do people like me avoid catastrophic closed, glued to the computer. You control a small frog in a kind of ancient Aztec wêreldSommige turned into ashes. Frog spitting different colored balls that other balls floating around the frog to get their way into the center of the sacred golden skull crushed. It is your job to make sure Zuma frog spit aimed skull smashed the ball enough gold before youTangkapZuma arrived is that the ball is a different color each -. Red, green and yellow. Kanspoeg you fit ball, but only once. When three or more balls in a row lined up, if you hit one of the balls of the same color, the balls disappear and you get punte.Soms you can color your ball gong to spit by clicking the mouse button to turn to the right – the left button for fire .Zuma two modes – Adventure and Gauntlet, but it’s hard to say what is the difference betweentwee.Beidedan now have the same game, funky tribal soundtrack and great graphics and sound. This is misleading addictive once you go, and good therapy you watch the ball away gradually Blown removed. The downside is that it would be too easy because the ball moves slower .Zuma’N a great game that will appeal to children and adults. Note that the trial version, you are limited to 60 minutes of the game.


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